#LGSC Hit The Waves

We caught up with London Girls Surf Club (LGSC) founder Kylie Griffiths about their most recent surfing adventure using our instax mini 9 instant camera.

Can you tell us a little bit about LGSC and what brought these girls together?

london girls surf club

London Surf Girls Club (LGSC) came from a very natural idea of wanting to get other city ladies into the oceans. I discovered surfing at a later point in life and grew up in a city, so I wanted to share my new found love of the ocean with other landlocked ladies. The idea itself was very organic, I had naturally started promoting surfing more and more through my personal channels and had numerous ladies reaching out asking how they could get into the ocean too. I decided from there that was a gap in the market for a surf group specifically aimed at landlocked ladies and LGSC was born. We had our first trip in May and since then the project has grown and we’ve got lots of exciting plans for 2018.

What part did instax play in your surf adventure?

using instax cameras

instax played a huge part in LGSC. I wanted to capture everyone’s personal experiences in getting out of the city, away from their day to day life and how they learnt to surf. instax made this element super easy and so it became a reality. We were lucky to have an incredibly talented bunch of ladies with us on our first trip so we wanted to give them each a chance to tell their own story of their journey into surfing. The results were amazing, as every girl’s images told a different story and were so unique to them.

How did you show off your instax memories from the day?

After the trip we collaborated with the “House of Vans” to do a gallery show in Waterloo, we gave each girl a space on the walls to display their images from the trip. It was amazing to see the girls reactions to their own pictures and it gave them a chance to re-live their favourite moments from the trip.

instax prints hosted at house of vans

If you had to pick just one instax mini 9 colour what would you choose?

Green! Green is my favourite colour and I just love the shade of the mini 9!

instax mini 9 lime green

What makes instax cameras so important in your storytelling?

When you take an instax image you’re really capturing that moment. With phone pics they almost get lost on your phone as you just take too many shots of the same thing that it almost strips the meaning away. With instax, you have to take a moment before taking your snap which for me tends to mean that you’re capturing real memories and genuine moments.

If you had just one picture left what would you take it of?

Probably my surfboard – or of me surfing ha! I never have enough snaps of me surfing as I’m normally having too much fun to think about it till it’s too late.

surf board taken on an instax camera


mini 9


mini film



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